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Quiz about Moon Knight
Quiz about Moon Knight

Moon Knight Trivia Quiz

Airing in 2022, this MCU limited series appearing on Disney+ follows the events that transpire when the avatar of Khonshu is called upon to stop a cult leader's dangerous rise to power. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Sep 23 22
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6 / 10
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Question 1
1. Steven Grant works in the gift shop at which London landmark? Hint

Question 2
2. What does Steven find hidden in the wall of his apartment? Hint

Question 3
3. According to Harrow, what is inside of Steven? Hint

Question 4
4. Instead of following Khonshu any longer, Harrow worships what other God? Hint

Question 5
5. The avatar of which God advises Marc to search for Senfu's sarcophagus? Hint

Question 6
6. To help find the tomb in the desert, Khonshu does which of the following, leading to his imprisonment by the other Gods? Hint

Question 7
7. Breaking into the tomb, Steven finds an ushabti inside the mummified body of which lost pharaoh? Hint

Question 8
8. The psychiatric hospital, as the goddess Taweret explains, is actually where? Hint

Question 9
9. Who is able to recover Khonshu's ushabti? Hint

Question 10
10. Is Harrow able to be defeated, or does he escape?

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Sep 27 2023 : Guest 168: 6/10
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Sep 16 2023 : Guest 5: 9/10
Sep 05 2023 : Guest 172: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Steven Grant works in the gift shop at which London landmark?

Answer: British Museum

Steven Grant awakens to find himself tethered, by his leg, to the pole next to his bed. It appears that he hasn't left in the night; the sand next to his bed is untouched; the tape on his door is unbroken. He heads to work at the British Museum gift shop for an unfulfilling day with his boss, Donna, who shoots down his aspirations on the regular, and spends a quiet night before returning to his bed and setting back up for a night of trying to stay awake.

It's beyond his capability though. He eventually falls asleep and wakes up...on the edge of an Austrian mountain village. A disembodied voice tells him to "surrender the body to Marc" as he finds a jewelled scarab in his pocket. Unfortunately, he's fired upon by armed guards in a nearby chalet and forced to flee across the countryside and into the village proper.

It's in the village that he finds he's in the presence of none other than Arthur Harrow, there to preach to his people and serve in the name of Ammit. As people rise to be judged if they are good or evil, some pass through without harm while others, judged as evil, are killed by an unseen force.

Steven is recognized by Harrow as a mercenary and asked to return the scarab in his possession, but the disembodied voice in his head does not let him hand it over, instead controlling his body to keep it away. Harrow's men manage to grab it from him before he blacks out, awakening only to find the guards have been killed. He flees in a cupcake truck and careens along the mountain roads, managing to lose control repeatedly.

When all seems lost, he reawakens in his bedroom once more. It seems, once again, like he never left.
2. What does Steven find hidden in the wall of his apartment?

Answer: Cell phone

Steven rushes to a date he forgot he had and finds that he's been stood up. The reality is much more concerning. When he calls his date, he finds out he missed it; he somehow managed to lose two days.

Returning to his apartment, Steven manages to stumble upon a secret panel in the wall above his kitchen table, one containing a single key and a cell phone with dozens of missed calls, most from a woman named Layla. She phones him when the device is in his hand and asks where he's been-- it's been months. She also refers to him as Marc and, when she realizes it's not who she's hoping to talk to, she hangs up.

A voice calls out to Steven in his apartment and tells him to stop. He's going to get himself into trouble. Passing in front of a dark mirror, he believes he sees someone else in his reflection and the building begins to shake. He flees into the elevator and, on the way down, sees an inhuman beast stalk down the hallway towards him.

Despite the trauma, he awakens once more on the bus on the way to work, this time to find that Arthur Harrow is on the same ride.
3. According to Harrow, what is inside of Steven?

Answer: Chaos

Shaken, Steven arrives at the museum only to find that Harrow has beaten him there in search of the scarab, an item he claims belongs to Ammit, who he's working in service of. Harrow grabs Steven's hands and performs his test, determining if he's good or evil using the tattoo on his wrist. What Harrow finds, however, is that there is chaos inside Steven. He lets him go free.

That night, while performing inventory in the gift shop, Steven investigates a noise deeper in the museum only to be attacked by something demonic, a jackal brought forth by Harrow. He races to safety, hiding himself away in a restroom with only moments left to live, and that's when his reflection in the room's mirrors tells him to let go and let them take control. He survives, but only by becoming a white-suited figure.

Steven wakes up the next morning to find that the fight against the creature actually happened. When the security footage is played back, it reveals that he may have actually been responsible for destroying the museum bathroom; none of the footage shows a creature chasing him through the building. He's subsequently fired. On his way out he's handed a pamphlet for a doctor dealing with mental health concerns.

With time to spare, he looks into the key found in his flat's wall, following the lead to a storage building. What he finds there seems innocuous at first-- some belongings, a cot, clothes. Inside a bag he finds a gun, stacks of cash, and a passport containing his face, albeit with the name Marc Spector, indicating he's a U.S. citizen. He also finds the scarab. The reflection on the storage unit wall informs him that he needs to take control again. Both Steven and Marc are the avatars of the Egyptian deity, Khonshu, the God of the Moon.
4. Instead of following Khonshu any longer, Harrow worships what other God?

Answer: Ammit

Steven refuses to relinquish his body to Marc, takes the bag of cash, and flees the storage unit only to be pursued by the apparition of Khonshu himself. Just as he makes it out of the building, he's nearly hit by a woman on a motorbike who, coincidentally, turns out to be Layla. She recognizes him as Marc, so he hops onto her bike and lets her do the talking. He discovers that she's Spector's wife, and after a bit of convincing, he gets her to take him back to his flat. She remains uncertain though; she can't comprehend that she hasn't collected Marc. Though he starts to show her the scarab, Marc suggests (in his head) that it'll get her killed. She butts in, however, taking it from him. She has no choice but to accept it's not her husband.

The police arrive at Steven's apartment looking for the scarab in his possession. They don't find Layla with him, but they do find Marc Spector's passport. They propose that they'll bring him to the station, but in reality they bring him to an alley where Arthur Harrow comes out for a chat. Though Khonshu urges Steven to kill Harrow without thought, Harrow is able to convince Steven to take a quick walk through the nearby neighbourhood. As Khonshu's former avatar, he's very familiar with what the God can get away with. It's also why he now worships Ammit who, unlike Khonshu, tears evil from the world before it can take root. All of this leads to Harrow's need for the scarab; it's a compass leading to Ammit's tomb, and if they can get inside then they can bring Ammit back to create Heaven on Earth. Steven doesn't relinquish this info though, even when Harrow threatens to use his cane, a weapon containing Ammit's power.

But it doesn't matter, since Layla arrives with the scarab in hand. She tells Steven to summon the suit and keep the scarab safe. He does, but not before Harrow summons an Egyptian jackal into creation. To save them both, he lets Spector take over his body and he's able to defeat the beast...but Harrow gets away with the trinket, it having fallen out of his pocket when he got out of the cop car.
5. The avatar of which God advises Marc to search for Senfu's sarcophagus?

Answer: Hathor

Khonshu appears before Marc who, angry with Steven's insistence that his body be handed back over, appears to prove to the God that he can't be trusted to follow through with their agreement. Khonshu reminds Marc that he does not own the body-- Khonshu does-- and since Harrow has the scarab, they have to get to Ammit's tomb first. If he fails, he will make his next avatar out of Layla.

It's because of this that Marc makes his way to Cairo. Layla follows closely behind, forging a passport and pursuing Marc to Egypt. Harrow, with the scarab in hand, heads into the desert and finds Ammit's tomb in short order and receives word that Marc is after them. Fortunately for him, Steven and Marc, flipping back and forth with their consciousness, struggle to hunt him down. Khonshu is forced to step in, affecting things from beyond the realm by creating a solar eclipse and calling upon the Gods.

What it means is that Marc, along with all of the other avatars of the Gods, will meet as the Ennead and convene in the Great Pyramid of Giza. As Harrow is amongst these avatars, he denies the accusations against him, but Yatzil, the avatar of Hathor, hangs back after the judgment is called directs him to locate the sarcophagus of a medjay named Senfu. He was tasked with recording the route to Ammit's Tomb, but the sarcophagus was sold on the black market.

Sure enough, Marc is able to find the sarcophagus, but only with Layla's help when the pair finally reunite. She leads him directly to the sarcophagus, found in the possession of a collector, but Harrow and his men manage to step in and destroy the piece before they can make use of it.
6. To help find the tomb in the desert, Khonshu does which of the following, leading to his imprisonment by the other Gods?

Answer: Controls the night sky

Though the sarcophagus is destroyed, Layla and Marc manage to fight off the guards and claim the contents they need by finding (with Steven's help) that the cartonnage contains star maps. Folding them properly to create a star, they discover the map can be followed to Ammit's tomb, but since the map is from two millennia before, they have no choice but to rely on Khonshu's knowledge of the night sky. Khonshu, once again calling on his powers, shifts the night sky back to when it looked as it did in the star map. It helps them find the tomb, but it does mean that Khonshu must be imprisoned by the other Gods. He tells Steven to get Marc to free him as he's sealed away in stone, and with that, his avatar loses his powers.

Steven and Layla are found by Harrow's men and, thanks to Layla's perseverance, they're able to ensure they aren't followed as they head to the coordinates of the tomb. When they arrive, Harrow's men already appear to have set up camp, but they find it strangely deserted, empty of all people. Neither of them see the aftermath of a bloody fight before they belay into the tomb below and navigate its halls.

Reaching the final chambers, Steven and Layla locate the preparation rooms of the tomb before hearing gunshots and they come to realize that the undead guardians of the tomb are working with the fresh meat of Harrow's men. The duo are forced to split up, and while Steven comes across Ammit's last avatar, Layla comes face-to-face with Harrow.
7. Breaking into the tomb, Steven finds an ushabti inside the mummified body of which lost pharaoh?

Answer: Alexander the Great

Steven and Marc come across Ammit's burial chamber, much to Steven's delight, and what they find when they enter is a great deal of Macedonian text. It leads Steven to come to the conclusion that they've managed to stumble upon the long-lost tomb of Alexander the Great, the last avatar of Ammit. When Steven opens the sarcophagus, he finds the mummified body inside and, when he digs deeper into its throat, he finds Ammit's ushabti within.

Harrow speaks to Layla from across a great chasm and talks about her father and his work to lure her into a discussion about Marc. He read his scales, he says, and when he did, he saw the great pain he was in...and the truth. Layla's father was killed by mercenaries, but she never knew that Marc was amongst them. Harrow suggests that Marc remembers everything that happened and he didn't stop it.

When Steven and Layla finally reunite, she's clearly apprehensive to be around him. She angrily confronts Marc, who emerges from within to speak to her and urge her to leave the tomb. He tells her he didn't kill her father-- of course he didn't-- but he has to admit he was there when it happened. It was his then-partner; he killed everyone at the dig site. He couldn't tell her.

Their discussion takes too long and Harrow and his men enter the chamber with their guns aimed at Spector. Harrow recognizes Marc to be free of Khonshu and gives him the opportunity to make an important decision and hand over the ushabti but Marc, putting up one last stand, indicates his refusal. It's why Harrow takes a gun and fires it, twice, into Marc's chest.
8. The psychiatric hospital, as the goddess Taweret explains, is actually where?

Answer: The Duat

Marc awakens to find himself in an uncanny, white hospital where Layla and others, appearing to be patients, go about their activities. Though he lifts himself from his wheelchair, Marc finds that his leg is strapped to the seat; he drops a Moon Knight figurine when he hits the floor. During a session in his office, Dr. Arthur Harrow, his therapist, asks questions about Marc's fascination with lunar gods. Questions turn to Marc's past, and Steven, but Marc has a breakdown; there's too much in the room around him reminding him of the recent events in his life. Marc flees the room, escaping into the facility, only to come across a mysterious, sterile room containing a sarcophagus. He opens it to find Steven and the two of them make a break for it, but they discover that there is at least one other room containing a moving sarcophagus.

Marc and Steven make a break for it, but run directly into the Egyptian goddess Taweret. Marc blacks out before he can make sense of this. In a session, with Dr. Harrow, he's told that perhaps this vision can break down the walls between Marc and who he believes to be Steven. Marc is sedated, bringing him back to his discussion with Taweret who, casually, informs him that he's very much dead; Harrow did kill him in Ammit's tomb-- both of them, by extension. It's been a while, she assures them, since souls have passed through the Duat, the Egyptian underworld. If their hearts and souls are balanced they can pass through the Duat to the Field of Reeds and spend the rest of their afterlife in Paradise. Unfortunately, neither of them are ready. She suggests they explore their psychological baggage or else they'll be cast overboard and left to be dragged down into the Duat forever.

With that, Marc and Steven explore their memories together, confronting the demons of their lives. After coming to terms with the amount of people Marc killed in service of Khonshu, they come face-to-face with their younger brother. Steven locks himself into a memory to pursue this knowledge only to find that this brother, Randall, died when the boys were playing in a flooding cave. Elsewhere in his memories, Marc confronts his mother, who never forgave him for the events of that fateful day.

Marc attempts to pull Steven away from uncovering their shared past, but he inadvertently knocks them into another memory, this one from his mercenary days when he became Khonshu's avatar. It was the day Layla's father was killed. He would have killed himself had he not been found by Khonshu and healed. All he needed to do was follow his word and be his hand.

Outside in the Duat, Taweret finds that the underworld is being forced to judge more souls than usual, a clear indication that Harrow is succeeding in his quest. Someone must free Khonshu or, else, they will not be able to return to Earth. And so Taweret gets to work; she turns their ship towards the Gates of Osiris and sends the pair back inside.
9. Who is able to recover Khonshu's ushabti?

Answer: Layla

Marc vows to tell Steven everything but begs him not to go back through their memories to the extent that he returns to Dr. Harrow's office. Harrow gives a reasonable suggestion to Marc, however, suggesting that his breakthroughs should convince him to open up to Steven about the truth. When his mother continued to blame him for his brother's death, he divided his personalities, creating Steven to cope with the guilt and pain. Marc made him up; he was never the original version of himself. Worse still, their mother has been dead for years, much to Steven's shock and dismay. It was actually her death, two months earlier, that triggered their lives bleeding together like it did in their youth.

When Marc and Steven finally find their common understanding and come to terms with their past, they return to the deck of the ship and join Taweret as they approach the Gates of Osiris. There remains a problem, however, in that their scales never balanced. She can not stop the inevitable, she explains, and they're overtaken by the unbalanced souls of the Duat. Though Steven is able to defend himself with newfound confidence, Marc is nearly pulled over. Instead, Steven intervenes and is cast over the side of the boat and claimed by the Duat. His action balances their scales, allowing Marc to find himself in the Field of Reeds.

Harrow, meanwhile, retrieves Ammit's ushabti from Marc'/Steven' body and leaves with his men, allowing Layla to investigate. With the scarab left behind, she has a trail to follow. She sneaks onto one of Harrow's vehicles and nearly ambushes him, but the goddess Taweret communicates to her through the trail of dead he leaves behind. She needs to get to Khonshu's ushabti, but it's in the Chamber of the Gods. Layla can be her avatar.

Harrow heads directly to the Great Pyramid and opens a path to the inner chamber. While Harrow kills the other avatars using Ammit's power and ascends as his resurrected Goddess' avatar, Layla heads deeper into the pyramid, finds Khonshu's ushabti, and smashes it. Khonshu urges Layla to become his new avatar, but she refuses, not wishing to be enslaved as Marc was. An avatar is needed, however, so while Ammit commences purifying the souls of Cairo, Khonshu heads off to battle alone...failing to stop her.
10. Is Harrow able to be defeated, or does he escape?

Answer: He is defeated.

Marc, with Taweret in the Field of Reeds, is told that his journey is over. Though he could have the peace he so sought, he realizes he must go back for Steven. Taweret advises that he can never return if he leaves, but it's too late; the choice is made. He emerges in the darkness of the Duat and admits that Steven saved him when they were young, and it's because of that he couldn't abandon him. The two, freed by the power of their hearts, are released from the sands together as the Gates of Osiris open, granting them passage to the mortal world.

They pass through moments before Khonshu is destroyed by Ammit, and his return to Earth allows the God to return to his avatar, deep in Ammit's tomb, and return his powers to the Moon Knight. They reunite in the desert with Marc and Steven now part of a package deal, both informing Khonshu that they will only help if they relieve them of their service when the battle is done. Khonshu reluctantly agrees.

In the pyramid, Layla finds Horus' avatar still alive, though barely, and he informs her that they must seal Ammit away in the body of a mortal instead of a statue to put an end to the nightmare. To do that, however, they will need more avatars. As he succumbs to his wounds, Layla calls upon Taweret and insists that she will become her temporary avatar.

As Harrow takes his spot above the Great Pyramid and begins to exact Ammit's judgment over the city of Cairo, Layla emerges, empowered in Taweret's finery, and Marc and Steven fly in to fight Harrow. The battle spills into Cairo's streets while the Gods fight on the Giza Plateau, and though all are able to battle with intensity, Marc and Steven are forced down by Harrow's overwhelming power. All looks lost until Marc and Steven black out...

...awakening to find the battle won and Harrow collapsed on the ground. Layla, shocked by what occurred, asks what happened. It didn't appear to be Marc or Steven intervening.

They bring Harrow back to the pyramid to complete the ritual, binding Ammit into her avatar's body and sparing the world of her judgment. Khonshu urges Marc to kill them both to avoid Ammit breaking free, but he refuses, instead telling the God to do it himself. Khonshu frees Marc and Steven from the mantle as Moon Knight per their wish.

Marc and Steven reawaken in the psych ward in the afterlife and refuse to accept their diagnosis, returning to Earth and awakening in Steven's London flat. As they get out of bed, they trip and fall, surprisingly still tethered to the bedpost.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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