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Legally Blonde Trivia Questions

Legally Blonde . There are 105 questions on this topic. Last updated Jul 21 2024.
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26 At what age does Warner Huntington III want to become a Senator?
Answer: 30

That is one of the reasons he wants to break up with Elle (Poohbear).
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How many hours did Warner and Elle spend in the hot tub after the Winter Formal?

27 What is the name of the salon where Paulette works?
Answer: Neptune's Beauty Nook

Helena Rubenstein's day spa appears in 'Sex and the City'. Truvy's salon is from 'Steel Magnolias'. Curl Up and Dye is featured in 'Runaway Bride'.
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28 When Elle and Bruiser are at the orientation, what does she introduce herself and Bruiser as?
Answer: Gemini Vegetarians

Elle doesn't seem to impress too many people with her Fashion Major, Sorority President, fluffy history.
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29 Throughout the movie Elle wears a heart-toggle necklace and bracelet set made by (or inspired by the original design of) which famous jewelry company?
Answer: Tiffany and Co

You can find the set in every Tiffany and Co catalog (and some knockoffs in other stores)!
30 Which professor does Emmett says spits, when he or she talks about products liability?
Answer: Royalton

When Elle meets Emmett on the benches outside, he gives her advice on each of her professors. Luke Wilson, who plays Emmett, actually attended Occidental College. He was first interested in the athletic department, namely track and field, but gave that up for drama and theatre.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
31 What did V.E.R.S.A.C.E. stand for?
Answer: Veterinarian Experimentation Research Science and Critter Exploitation

Elle actually thought the establishment she went into was the Versace store, so she pulled out her double platinum V.V.I.P. customer identification card. This location was actually a testing unit for make-up and testing on animals.
32 What is the name of Paulette's dog?
Answer: Rufus

Paulette's dog, that her ex-husband kept from her, is named Rufus. Paulette's dog's name is mentioned when Paulette talks to Elle about how angry she is that her ex-husband keeps her dog in his trailer home. Later in the movie, she goes back to her ex-husband's house with Elle to get Rufus back. They succeed and Rufus goes home with them.
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33 How does Emmett get Elle to come out of the bathroom when she's crying?
Answer: He tells her they can go over wedding plans

Elle was so upset because she felt like it was her responsibility to be Bruiser's voice and she thought she had failed him.
34 What is Emmett's last name?
Answer: Richmond

Emmett was portrayed by Luke Wilson. Luke has also been in "Charlie's Angels" with former girlfriend, Drew Barrymore.
35 "I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me. You're fired. I have new representation."
Answer: Brooke

Brooke says this and then Elle walks into the courtroom.
36 When Elle was growing up, what California town did she live in?
Answer: Bel-Air

She lived across the street from Aaron Spelling. She thinks that is better then growing up a Vanderbilt.
37 Where is the party that Vivian invites Elle to attend?
Answer: 45 Dunston Street

Harvard is the school they attend, but not the name of the street where the party is held. Kensington is Vivian's last name and Hunnington is Warner's last name.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
38 Elle teaches Paulette (her manicurist) what move that she says her Mum taught her in Junior High?
Answer: The Bend And Snap

Elle ends up teaching the whole beauty salon the move!
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
39 Elle has two best friends from Delta Nu, her sorority. What are their names?
Answer: Margot and Serena

Margot is the other blonde, Serena is the funny brunette!
40 What magazine is Paulette reading the first time she meets Elle?
Answer: Upscale

Upscale magazine was founded in 1989 by the Bronner Bros.Enterprise. It is known as "the ultimate lifestyle magazine for savvy, trendy and successful African-Americans", making it ironic that Paulette was reading it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
41 What was the legislation that Elle was trying to pass called?
Answer: Bruiser's Bill

The point of this entire movie, was to free Bruiser's mom. Bruiser was Elle's pet Chihuahua. Elle had chosen to try and pass this bill because she wanted all the animals free, including Bruisers' mom so she could be at Elle and Emmet's wedding. Elle did this because she came face to face with the VERSACE testing unit.
42 According to Chutney's testimony, why did she kill her father?
Answer: Chutney thought she was shooting Brooke.

Chutney accidentally killed her father because she thought that she was going to shoot Brooke. Chutney was very angry that her father married Brooke because Brooke was only a few years older than Chutney and the age difference between Brooke and Mr. Windham was over thirty years. Chutney was never able to accept Brooke's age, so she tried to kill her.
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43 What was the name of the dog that was on the cover of Animal Fair magazine with Congresswoman Rudd?
Answer: Dolly Madison

As it turns out, Congresswoman Rudd just borrowed that dog for the photo shoot. And, as Paulette points out, that was her grandmother's stripper's name, too.
44 What date does Margot say she is going to get married?
Answer: June 1

"Oh, and keep June first open, you're one of my bridesmaids."
45 "Not that I saw. But as I said, I went straight upstairs to take a shower."
Answer: Chutney

Chutney says this to Elle at the court case.
46 When she tells her parents she wants to go to Harvard, what is her dad's pet name for her?
Answer: "Button"

Her parents are both unhappy about this decision. Her dad sips a Martini, while her mom explains how she will ruin her life, after all she was 1st runner-up in the "Miss Hawaiian Tropic" pageant.
47 Who has a Masters in Russian literature and has dewormed orphans in Somalia?
Answer: David Kidney

In Elle's first hours at Harvard, she is part of a small group that does introductions. The first guy to speak is David Kidney. For the last 18 months, he had been in Somalia deworming orphans.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
48 What score did Elle NEED to get on her LSAT's to help her get into Harvard?
Answer: 175

She ended up getting 179, with the help of her Sorority girlfriends.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
49 What was 'the shameful act' of Brooke's, that was actually her alibi?
Answer: She was having a lipo when her husband was killed

Brooke was on her way home after a lipo when it happened, but she couldn't tell anyone (except Elle) about it, 'cause she was known as a succesful fitness guru, and that info would have ruined her career. Ouch!
50 At the V.E.R.S.A.C.E. testing facility, I told Elle she could not go see Bruiser's mom. Who played me?
Answer: Octavia Spencer

Spencer, born on May 25th, 1972 in Montgomery, Alabama had the small role of the security guard at V.E.R.S.A.C.E. Elle found out that Bruiser's mom was at the V.E.R.S.A.C.E. facility and thought it was the store named Versace. The security guard told her she was at a place where they used animals to test cosmetic products. That was where Elle found out Bruiser's mom went through animal testing. At one point, Bruiser leaped out of Elle's arms and Elle went up the stairs to get him and the security guard told her she could not go up there. However, the security guard did not follow Elle fast enough to catch her. Spencer guest starred on the TV shows, "The Big Bang Theory", "Dollhouse" and "Ugly Betty".