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Legally Blonde Trivia Questions & Answers

Legally Blonde . There are 105 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 22 2024.
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51 What major does Elle have, before she goes for law?
Answer: Fashion

Elle was going for fashion design in her old college before she goes to Harvard for law school. Elle's previous major is revealed to the audience when Elle is interested in transferring to Harvard. First, Elle mentions that she has a 4.0 GPA in classes such as The History of Polka Dots. Also, Elle's major is mentioned in her video along with other information such as the fact that she is the president of her sorority, can remember a lot of knowledge and uses legal terms in everyday life.
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What was the legislation that Elle was trying to pass called?

52 Who was the fight between that gave Elle the idea to bring out her Snap Cup?
Answer: Grace and Timothy

The office didn't appreciate Elle's attempt to fix things though, and called her stupid.
53 What music video did Elle appear in?
Answer: Ricky Martin

This information is revealed when the acceptance board at Harvard is reviewing her application.
54 "...hit on her, so she quit."
Answer: Emmett

Emmett says this to Vivian and Brooke. "Oh my God, I made a huge mistake" is what Vivian says after that.
55 What is Elle's GPA at the California University of Los Angeles, where she studies, History of Polka Dots?
Answer: 4.0

Elle thinks she is ready for Harvard, even though she majors in Fashion Merchandising at CULA.
56 Who has an IQ of 187 and graduated first in his class at Princeton?
Answer: Aaron Mitchell

In the small group introductions, Aaron spoke right before Elle. That's pretty much all he said throughout the movie.
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57 What silly name does Elle call Emmett in his car on the way to the health spa to interview the first wife of the murder victim?
Answer: Butt-Head

We start to see some little sparks of chemistry develop between Elle and Emmett in this scene!
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58 What was Warner's nickname for Elle?
Answer: Pooh Bear

It was one of the numerous funny things in the movie!
59 What brand of bottled water do you see Elle drinking at several points throughout the movie?
Answer: Evian

Evian water is also seen in the movie "Parent Trap". According to the writers at E!Online though, several stars specifically request that there be no Evian water in their dressing rooms.
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60 What color was Elle's convertible when she drove off to Washington, DC?
Answer: Light Blue

Elle does love pink, but in fact, her car was light blue. Her car also read 'MZ BLOND' as the license plate.
61 Where does Elle first meet Paulette?
Answer: At a beauty and nail salon

Elle meets Paulette at the nail salon that she works at. Elle has a rough first day at law school when she finds out about Vivian and Warner's new relationship, so she goes to get a manicure and pedicure. Paulette does Elle's nails while Elle is crying over the intensity of law school and about Warner's new relationship. They instantly hit it off and become great friends throughout the movie. Paulette visits Elle while she is in court at the end of the movie.
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62 Who else turns out to be a Delta Nu in Washington?
Answer: Libby Hauser

Even though Congresswoman Hauser had a tough exterior, Elle got through to her because they had the Delta Nu bond.
63 What score does Elle get on her LSAT?
Answer: 179

She needed to get a minimum of 174, and she got a 179.
64 "I'm taking the dog, dumb...!"
Answer: Paulette

Paulette says this to her ex-husband.
65 Which moving company does Elle use to move to Massachusettes?
Answer: Bekins

When she arrives she is called "Malibu Barbie" and gives her dog Bruiser a drink of Evian before entering Wyeth House, their new home for the next 3 years.
66 Who got engaged to Josh?
Answer: Margot

When Elle calls home after a bad day at Harvard, Margot tells her Josh proposed. She was in the process of picking a dress.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
67 When Elle arrives at Harvard with her moving van in tow, she is called what type of Barbie by an onlooker?
Answer: Malibu

This is the scene where she gives Bruiser a drink in his little portable plastic bowl. It's Evian water, of course!
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
68 In what other movie did both Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair co-star?
Answer: Cruel Intentions

Neither Reese nor Selma star in 'She's All {That';} there's Reese, but no Selma in 'Election', and there's Selma (and Julia Stiles), but no Reese in 'Down to You'! However, they were both very good in 'Cruel Intentions'!
69 During the first scene of the court trial, what is the pattern on Brooke Windham's jacket?
Answer: newspaper print

Brooke Taylor Windham, played by Ali Larter, has a interesting and varied wardrobe throughout the courtroom scenes. You see her several times in an orange jumpsuit though. Costume design for "Legally Blonde" was done by Sophie Carbonell. Newspaper print clothing is sold by Wet Seal and Romy.
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70 What did Elle say that was of the highest importance to America?
Answer: her hair

Elle had said this in front of all congress for them to approve her bill on National Education Day. The main point of the speech was that people didn't speak up. So she chose to describe when she went to a salon that was all fancy and she explained that they did her hair all wrong. She explained how she should have spoken up.
71 What class does Elle graduate in?
Answer: Class of 2004

Elle graduates Harvard Law School, with honors, in the Class of 2004. This fact is revealed when Elle is speaking at graduation. While she is speaking, you can see the Class of 2004 banner above her head. Also, in Elle's video that she sends to get into Harvard, she mentions that she would like to be a part of the Class of 2004. While Elle makes her graduation speech she mentions about how first impressions can be wrong and how Professor Stromwell quotes Aristotle on Elle's first day of law school.
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72 What was the name of Bruiser's love interest?
Answer: Leslie

As it turns out, Bruiser's gay! He also takes a liking to Congressman Marks' dog, Leslie.
73 What is the first thing we see Elle doing at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: brushing her hair

The very first scene of the movie shows Elle brushing her hair.
74 "But it's a costume party, you probably wouldn't want to come."
Answer: Vivian

And then she tricks Elle into thinking it's a costume party and Elle comes dressed as a Playboy Bunny!
75 On the first day, at the introduction on the grass, in what grade did Aaron Mitchell say he was when he wrote the paper about Steve Hawkings stealing "Brief History of Time"?
Answer: 4th

He also has an IQ of 187 and graduated first in his class at Princeton.