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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde . There are 105 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 22 2024.
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76 What does Elle NOT bring Brooke in jail?
Answer: 1020 count Calvin Klein sheets

Elle brought Brooke 720 count Calvin Klein sheets.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
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Who finally admitted to killing Brooke's husband?

77 What was the toilet paper of choice in Delta Nu?
Answer: Charmin'

'All those opposed to chafing, say aye!', remember?
78 What did Paulette's husband give her at the end of the movie?
Answer: A hot dog

Paulette had wanted the hot dog since Elle went to D.C. So her husband delivered a hot dog for Paulette, when he delivered Fenway Park's home base in time for Elle and Emmet's wedding.
79 What is Enrique's boyfriend's first name?
Answer: Chuck

Enrique has a boyfriend named Chuck when he comes into Brooke Windham's trial. While Enrique is on the stand, he is tricked, by Emmett, into saying that he has a boyfriend named Chuck. When Enrique denies the claim, Chuck hears him and storms out of the courtroom in anger. Then, Enrique yells out Chuck's name and tries to stop him from leaving.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
80 Who sabatoged Elle's plan to get Bruiser's Bill passed?
Answer: Victoria

Although Victoria Rudd tried to convince Elle that it was Grace who was blocking Elle, it was really her.
81 "You're going to ruin your shoes!"
Answer: Warner

Warner says this to Elle after he has broken up with her and she won't get into his car.
82 When Elle introduces herself, which star does she say she helped to not buy an orange sweater?
Answer: Cameron Diaz

She also announces that she and Bruiser are Gemini vegatarians.
83 Who got bangs in the movie?
Answer: Serena

Margot and Serena are in the bridal shop talking to Elle on the phone, when Serena tells her she got bangs. She said her hair was 'so now.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
84 Paulette's dog's name is?
Answer: Rufus

Elle helps Paulette get her much loved baby Rufus back from her horrible ex.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
85 Elle bought a laptop in the movie. What kind of computer was it?
Answer: ibook

Could you ever imagine her with a boring black one?
86 Whose face does it NOT show with a caption of how their future turned out, at the end of the movie?
Answer: Elle

The captions say that Emmett opened his own law firm, has been dating Elle for two years, and is planning to propose to Elle that night; that Paulette married the UPS guy and they are expecting their first child, and that Vivian dumped Warner and is now best friends with Elle.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
87 What body part of the delivery man's face does Paulette break?
Answer: His nose

Paulette breaks the delivery man's nose while they are in the nail salon where she works. Paulette tries the Bend and Snap method that Elle teaches her and she accidentally snaps into the delivery man's face. This is revealed when Paulette frantically calls Elle for advice while Elle is in court. Elle tries to calm Paulette down by saying that she knew this girl who threw up on this guy during the "Blair Witch Project", and they ended up dating for six months. Thank you for taking my quiz and after you are finished reading the correct answers, please rate this quiz. If you enjoyed this quiz, feel free to try any of my other quizzes. Also, please feel free to send me any questions, comments or concerns!
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
88 Where was Bruiser's mom being kept and tested on?
Answer: V.E.R.S.A.C.E.

At first, Elle took it as a good sign since she thought Bruiser's mom was kept at a Versace Think Tank. She later found out that this Versace was entirely different.
89 What soap opera is Elle watching after Warner breaks up with her?
Answer: General Hospital

Elle is watching "General Hospital", it is a shot of Lucky Spencer.
90 "Blondes have more fun, really, I would know!"
Answer: This isn't in the movie

This isn't said in the movie at all but I think that it is something Elle would say.
91 Aristotle wrote a quote used in the movie. "The law is reason free from passion." What other quote from below did Aristotle write?
Answer: He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.

The quote that refers to children coming back home belongs to Bill Cosby. The Old Testament in the Bible is where the quote about diaster awaiting the sinner originates. The quote about positive thinking was uttered by the founder of a cosmetics company, Mary Kay Ash.
Question Reference: Quiz: Legally Blonde.
92 Finally, according to Elle, which magazine is 'the Bible'?
Answer: Cosmopolitan

A blonde like Elle needs her Cosmo, that's for sure! That was an easy one, right?
93 Brooke's husband was how many years older than her?
Answer: 34

94 What time does the big "costume" party at 45 Dunston Street start?
Answer: 8pm

Elle goes dressed as a pink bunny because Vivian tells her it is a costume party so she will embarrass herself. Warner calls her a "walking felony".
95 What is the name of Brooke's workout?
Answer: Brooke's Butt Buster

96 When Elle was working out on her stairmaster, what commercial was Bruiser watching?
Answer: Taco Bell

"Yo quiero Taco Bell"!
97 What state is Vivian from?
Answer: Connecticut

98 How many hours did Warner and Elle spend in the hot tub after the Winter Formal?
Answer: 4

She tells Warner, in front of Vivian, that getting to be one of Callahan's interns was better than the hot tub. Vivian was not happy.
99 Emmett used to be an editor for a magazine, which one?
Answer: Harvard Law Review

100 What skin care line of cosmetics did Elle bring Brooke, while she was in jail for murdering her husband?
Answer: Clinique

She also brought her Calvin Klein 720 count cotton sheets and the "Bible" ("Cosmopolitan" magazine). She signed in as Delta Nu, Brooke's sister.