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Quiz about Kids Scrambles  School Supplies
Quiz about Kids Scrambles  School Supplies

Kids' Scrambles - School Supplies Quiz

My students really love photo quizzes and word scrambles, and this photo match quiz brings those two things together! Match the scrambled English words to their correct photos. (Click the images for a closer look!)

by trident. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Apr 04 24
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Very Easy
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12 / 12
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etcmropu srssisco uegl cikts epincl tnebkooo aocnrys rreesa eptlsar eprpa islcp tehadwrboi bprhastiun etagnm

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. epincl

The scrambled clue "epincl" = pencil.

Pencils are handy tools that people use for writing, drawing, and coloring. They have a long, skinny shape with a pointy end for making marks on paper. You can use pencils to write notes, solve math problems, draw pictures, or even fill in coloring books with colored pencils.

Fascinating fact: The "lead" inside them isn't actually made of lead at all, but of a special kind of graphite mixed with clay.
2. tnebkooo

The scrambled clue "tnebkooo" = notebook.

Notebooks are useful tools that people use for writing, drawing, and organizing their thoughts. They have pages bound together inside a cover, often made of cardboard or plastic. You can use notebooks to write down homework assignments, take notes in class, make to-do lists, or even write stories and draw pictures.

Fascinating fact: The earliest known notebooks date back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans. They used materials like papyrus and parchment to create early versions of what we now call notebooks!
3. etcmropu

The scrambled clue "etcmropu" = computer.

Computers are amazing machines that people use for all sorts of things. They can be used for homework, playing games, watching videos, and even talking to friends online. Computers have screens, keyboards, and sometimes a mouse to help you control them. You can use them to write stories, do math problems, or learn new things on the internet.

Fascinating fact: The first computer was as big as a room! It was called ENIAC and was invented in the 1940s.
4. aocnrys

The scrambled clue "aocnrys" = crayons.

Crayons are colorful tools that kids and even adults use for coloring and drawing. They come in many different colors and are made of wax, which makes them easy to draw with on paper. You can use crayons to color pictures, make artwork, or even write letters and words.

Fascinating fact: A man named Edwin Binney created the first crayons in 1903. At first, they only came in eight colors.
5. eptlsar

The scrambled clue "eptlsar" = stapler.

Staplers are handy tools that people use to fasten papers together. They work by pressing down on a metal strip with sharp points, called staples, which punch through the papers and bend to hold them together. You can use staplers to keep your homework organized, attach important documents, or make booklets.

Fascinating fact: The stapler was invented before crayons! It was invented in the late 1800s by George McGill. Early staplers were made of heavy metal and required a lot of force to use.
6. srssisco

The scrambled clue "srssisco" = scissors.

Scissors are useful tools that people use for cutting things like paper, fabric, or hair. They have two sharp blades connected by a handle, which you open and close to cut. You can use scissors to make crafts, wrap gifts, or even trim plants in the garden. Some people even use scissors in the kitchen to cut apart foods.

Fascinating fact: The earliest known scissors were made over 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. They were made of bronze and were used by both men and women for tasks like cutting hair and fabric.
7. tehadwrboi

The scrambled clue "tehadwrboi" = whiteboard.

Whiteboards are useful tools that people use for writing, drawing, and sharing ideas. They have a smooth, glossy surface that you can write on with special markers and then erase easily with a dry cloth or eraser. You can use whiteboards in classrooms to teach lessons, in offices for brainstorming meetings, or at home for making to-do lists or drawing pictures.

Fascinating fact: Before whiteboards, people used chalkboards, which were messy and dusty. The first modern whiteboard was invented in the 1950s by Martin Heit, and it quickly became popular because it was cleaner and easier to use.
8. uegl cikts

The scrambled clue "uegl cikts" = glue stick.

Glue sticks are handy tools that people use for sticking things together. They look like a tube that contains a special kind of glue inside. You can use glue sticks to glue paper, cardboard, or even fabric together for crafts, school projects, or fixing things around the house.

Fascinating fact: The glue stick was invented in Germany. The inventor studied lipstick tubes to help them create the glue stick!
9. eprpa islcp

The scrambled clue "eprpa islcp" = paper clips.

Paper clips are small metal tools that people use for holding papers together. They have a simple, looped design that allows you to slide them onto a stack of papers to keep them organized. You can use paper clips to hold together homework assignments, important documents, or even to mark pages in a book.

Fascinating fact: A famous character in the shape of a paper clip was created in 1996 by Microsoft to help people write on their computers. Its name was Clippit (sometimes Clippy). Many people actually thought Clippy was more annoying than helpful.
10. etagnm

The scrambled clue "etagnm" = magnet.

Magnets are amazing objects that have the power to attract certain materials like iron, nickel, and cobalt. They come in different shapes and sizes, from small ones that can hold notes on a refrigerator to big ones used in machinery. People use magnets in many ways, such as sticking things to metal surfaces, like pictures on a fridge, or in tools like compasses to find directions.

Fascinating fact: Magnets are used in many everyday items like speakers, credit cards, and even some toys!
11. bprhastiun

The scrambled clue "bprhastiun" = paintbrush.

Paintbrushes are tools that people use for painting pictures, walls, or even furniture. They have bristles attached to a handle, which you dip into paint and then use to apply it to a surface. Paintbrushes come in different sizes and shapes, with some having thin bristles for detailed work and others having thick bristles for covering large areas quickly. You can use paintbrushes to create beautiful artwork, add color to your home, or even touch up old furniture.

Fascinating fact: Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Greeks used brushes made from natural materials like animal hair or plant fibers.
12. rreesa

The scrambled clue "rreesa" = eraser.

Erasers are handy tools that people use to remove pencil marks from paper. They come in different shapes and sizes, such as rectangular blocks or cylindrical tubes, and are often made of rubber or a similar material. You can use erasers to fix mistakes when writing, drawing, or doing math problems with a pencil. Simply rub the eraser over the mark, and it will lift the graphite off the paper, leaving it clean and ready to use again.

Fascinating fact: The first erasers were not made of rubber, but of breadcrumbs! People would use pieces of stale bread to erase pencil marks until rubber erasers were invented in the 19th century.
Source: Author trident

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