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Trivia Questions and Answers
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580 Roald Dahl Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Roald Dahl? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Roald Dahl (For Children). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What was the most exciting thing Billy's mother banned him from doing?
Answer: Going outside their garden alone

Billy's mother only let him do boring things and never anything he thought would be exciting. She emphatically forbade him from going through their garden gate into the outside world on his own, although he thought this would be the most exciting thing of all that he could do.
  From Quiz: The Minpins
2 What was George's Grandma like?
Answer: A complaining old person who bullied George

George's Grandma was his mother's mother, who lived with him and his parents on a farm. She was selfish and impossible to please, and expected to be waited on. She was especially nasty to George when his parents weren't around to hear her.
  From Quiz: GEORGE'S Marvellous Medicine
3 Who does the girl sometimes play with?
Answer: Philip and William

The book's heroine is never given a name, but she is eight years old and lives on a farm. She likes to play with Philip and William Gregg, the two boys who live on the next farm to her. Philip is also eight years old, while William is eleven.
  From Quiz: The Magic Finger
4 In "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl, where does Mr. Fox live with his family?
Answer: In a hole in a hill under a big tree

Mr. Fox and his family live in a hole and tunnel system under the big tree on the hill. This is in the woodland, safely beyond the farms of the nasty farmers, or so he thinks. He soon finds out that he is wrong.

Mr. Rat the water rat, who is one of the heroes of "The Wind in the Willows," lives in a hole in the riverbank. His friend Mole calls him Ratty.

The hole that goes straight down, with cupboards and shelves on either side belongs to the white rabbit. This is the hole Alice falls down at the beginning of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

Mr. Bilbo Baggins, a very respectable hobbit (and at the beginning of the story a rather stuffy one), lives in a hole (or rather an underground house) in a hill, that has a lovely, green door with a shiny brass doorknob right in the middle. You can read about his adventures in "The Hobbit."
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr. Fox
5 How many farmers are there?
Answer: 3

The three farmers are Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr Fox
6 What did the empty shop called "The Grubber" use to sell?
Answer: Sweets

Billy's mother told him that a grubber was another name for a sweet-shop in the old days. Billy is the boy who tells the story and he has always wanted to own a sweet-shop.
  From Quiz: The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me
7 How old is the oldest grandparent among the four?
Answer: 96 and half

Grandpa Joe is the oldest. All others are above 90.
  From Quiz: Charlie's Knowledge Factory
8 What are the names of the three farmers who are after Mr Fox?
Answer: Boggis, Bunce and Bean

These horrible farmers want to get Mr Fox, but he is too Fantastic for them to catch!
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr Fox
9 In what book was there a girl named Sophie as a main character?
Answer: The BFG

Other main characters in this book are the BFG and the Queen of England.
  From Quiz: Which Roald Dahl Book?
10 What kind(texture) of hair grows on Mr Twit's face?
Answer: bristles, like a nail brush

Mr Twit, a foul and bad tempered old man, is continually described with food, animals and unidentifiable objects lodged in his feral and unkempt beard. Dahl's great talent for describing the unsavory is particularly noticed in "The Twits"
  From Quiz: How Do You Outwit a Twit?
11 What ate James' parents?
Answer: An angry rhinoceros

The rhino had escaped from London Zoo and ate them on a crowded street in full daylight.
  From Quiz: James and the Giant Peach
12 Danny and his father lived in an old gypsy caravan which was behind what?
Answer: A filling station

Danny's father owned the filling station and a small field behind it where they kept their caravan.
    Your options: [ A hotel ] [ A filling station ] [ A school ] [ A lighthouse ]
  From Quiz: Danny the Champion of the World
13 What type of cheese did Mr. Twit have stuck in his beard?
Answer: Stilton

The book has a close up illustration of some of the things stuck in his beard. It's not very nice!
  From Quiz: The Twits'
14 What type of rockets did Mr Wonka fire to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere?
Answer: Retro-rockets

He did this so the Vermicious Knids wouldn't tow them away.
  From Quiz: 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' - Part 2
15 What does Mr Wonka say keeps the elevator up in the sky?
Answer: Skyhooks

Grandma Josephine doesn't trust Mr Wonka but Charlie says he loves him.
  From Quiz: 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' - Part 1
16 What is the name of the main character?
Answer: Mr Hoppy

He had two loves in his life, one is the flowers he grew.
  From Quiz: 'Esio Trot'
17 What is the full name of the main character in this book?
Answer: James Henry Trotter
  From Quiz: James and the Giant Peach
18 What parent does Danny live alone with?
Answer: Dad
  From Quiz: Danny the Champion of the World
19 How many monkeys does Mr. Twit own?
Answer: 4

It is a family of monkeys, led by the father, Muggle-Wump.
  From Quiz: The Twits
20 In which book was a character very smart for that person's age?
Answer: Matilda

Remember, Matilda was the girl. She was really smart, but her parents were too stupid to notice her.
    Your options: [ The BFG ] [ Danny the Champion of the World ] [ Matilda ] [ The Witches ]
  From Quiz: For Roald Dahl Fans
21 Why were people scared to go into the Forest of Sin?
Answer: It contained dangerous animals.

Billy's mother warned him not to go a very large wood known as The Forest of Sin. Its trees were especially tall and close together so it was very dark in there. She said that everyone was scared to go into it as it contained lots of ferocious beasts, and one of them would eat him if he went in there.
  From Quiz: The Minpins
22 Why did George decide to make his medicine?
Answer: As a kill or cure measure

His Grandma had medicine four times a day, but George believed it did not seem to help her as she was still horrid. George was really fed up and decided to make her a specially strong medicine that would either cure her or blow her head off.
  From Quiz: GEORGE'S Marvellous Medicine
23 Who has the Magic Finger?
Answer: The girl

When the girl gets angry with someone, she gets hot and her right index finger tingles. Then a flash jumps across at the person who has upset her and something bad happens to him or her.
  From Quiz: The Magic Finger
24 In Dahl's rhyming version of "Little Red Riding Hood", how does Red Riding Hood kill the wolf?
Answer: With her pistol

She killed him in self-defense and then she made a coat out of his fur.
  From Quiz: Revolting Rhymes
25 In "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl, there are three nasty farmers who hate Mr. Fox and have it in for him. What are their names?
Answer: Farmer Boggis, Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean

In the cast of characters at the beginning of the book Farmer Boggis is named as a mean man, Farmer Bunce is named as a nasty man and Farmer Bean is named as a beastly man. All in all, they aren't very nice.

Surprisingly, Hogg and Head are real last names. Haggis isn't a name at all though. It is a large, sausage-like meat dish that is popular in Scotland.

Though Bacon is, surprisingly, a real last name, it comes as no surprise at all to find that pancake and sausage aren't. All three are names of yummy breakfast foods - but, you knew that.
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr. Fox
26 What does Bean eat/drink?
Answer: Apple cider

Bean only drinks apple cider.
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr Fox
27 What is the first thing thrown out of a window in the old building?
Answer: Bathtub

The old building containing the empty shop is sold to the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company. The new owners have most of the things inside the building removed. All the things in the question are thrown out but the bathtub is the first one.
  From Quiz: The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me
28 Who is the first animal that the Enormous Crocodile meets on his travels?
Answer: Humpy-Rumpy the Hippopotamus

Muggle-Wump the Monkey and Roly Poly Bird were also in "The Twits", another book by Dahl.
  From Quiz: The Enormous Crocodile
29 What came out of the taps of the palace that Mr. Willy Wonka had built for Prince Pondicherry?
Answer: Hot chocolate

The Prince had a palace built of chocolate and he decided to live in it. It started melting and at last nothing remained.
  From Quiz: Charlie's Knowledge Factory
30 How many chickens with dumplings did the chicken farmer eat for his breakfast, lunch and supper?
Answer: three

Maybe this is why he is enormously fat!
  From Quiz: Fantastic Mr Fox
31 In what book was there a boy whose parents died in a car crash?
Answer: The Witches

"Boy" is Roald Dahl's autobiography, and "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" is the sequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", which many people know because of the movie.
  From Quiz: Which Roald Dahl Book?
32 Why is Mrs Twit so ugly?
Answer: her evil thoughts manifested into her appearance

Through the character of Mrs Twit, Dahl has suceeded in creating a character that every child has known, or experienced the wrath of. Her evil natured face, her grumpy eyes and sour mouth are all parts of the old lady every child has known that lives down the road, in a dark house, usually with lots of cats!
  From Quiz: How Do You Outwit a Twit?
33 In "James and the Giant Peach", what is the name of James' obese aunt?
Answer: Sponge

Aunt Sponge is very mean to James, along with his other Aunt, Aunt Spiker.
  From Quiz: Books Written by Roald Dahl
34 What did the old man give to James?
Answer: A white paper bag

The bag contained some green things which James was supposed to add to water along with ten hairs from his head.
  From Quiz: James and the Giant Peach
35 At what age could Danny take a small engine to pieces and put it all back together again?
Answer: 7 years

His father taught him how to do this.
  From Quiz: Danny the Champion of the World
36 What did Mr. Twit put in Mrs. Twit's bed?
Answer: A frog

This was to pay her back for the glass eye trick she played on him.
  From Quiz: The Twits'
37 Where did the elevator crash into when it got back to Earth?
Answer: The chocolate factory

They ended up back in the chocolate factory looking at the chocolate river and waterfall.
  From Quiz: 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' - Part 2
38 What are the names of the three astronauts in the Transport Capsule?
Answer: Shuckworth, Shanks and Showler

The three astronauts were taking all the staff up to work on the Space Hotel 'U.S.A'.
  From Quiz: 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' - Part 1
39 The main character is in love. With whom?
Answer: Mrs Silver

She has a pet tortoise who she loves dearly.
  From Quiz: 'Esio Trot'
40 What are the names of James' aunts?
Answer: Sponge and Spiker

Aunt Sponge is the short and fat one and Aunt Spiker is the tall and thin one.
  From Quiz: James and the Giant Peach
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