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Quiz about Hausu
Quiz about Hausu

Hausu Trivia Quiz

Directed in 1977 by Nobuhiko Obayashi, "Hausu" (or "House") is a Japanese horror film about teenage girls, a bad house, a white cat, a hungry piano, and an evil aunt. Did I mention it was meant to cash in on the success of "Jaws"? It's a masterpiece.

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. Gorgeous shows a bit of antagonism towards her father who, on a work trip, brings home a fiancee from which country? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. Why does Mr. Togo miss the train to Auntie's house? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. What type of instrument does Auntie have in her house? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. To chill their watermelon, the girls place it into a well. When Fantasy pulls it up later on, what does she find? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Which of the girls is privy to seeing Auntie not only eating an eyeball, but disappearing into the fridge? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. Sweet is attacked by which of the following before her disappearance? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Which of the girls offers to go to the police station while the others stay behind at the house? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Which of these is responsible for eating Melody? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Who destroys the picture of Blanche? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Judging by the look of his car upon Ryoko's arrival in the village, what happened to Mr. Togo? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Gorgeous shows a bit of antagonism towards her father who, on a work trip, brings home a fiancee from which country?

Answer: Italy

The film begins as a group of friends, all girls (and most with unique names), end their school year and prepare for summer break. Gorgeous is excited to go to her father's villa in Kariuzawa while Fantasy and the others expect to head to a training camp. One of their teachers, Mr. Togo, is also expected to go to the camp as it's at his sister's inn; Fantasy has a crush on him. A lot of awkward hugging follows.

When Gorgeous gets home, she embraces her father who has just returned from filming a movie in Italy. He has a surprise though -- he's brought back his new girlfriend, and she's coming along. Rarely seen without her smile or her scarf, the girlfriend, Ryoko Ema, tries to be fast friends but Gorgeous is almost immediately antagonistic when her father expresses his intent to marry her. At this point, Gorgeous decides that the summer villa is a bad decision and runs to her room instead. While looking through old pictures of her mother, she ends up finding a photo of her aunt at her mother's wedding holding a large, white cat and she wonders how she is.
2. Why does Mr. Togo miss the train to Auntie's house?

Answer: He falls into a bucket and it gets stuck on his behind.

At school, on their last day, all of the girls (except Gorgeous) get excited about their vacation by the sea. They're disappointed that Gorgeous is going to Karuizawa, but eager to have a good time, especially Fantasy who looks forward to 10 days with the manly Mr. Togo. Gorgeous arrives to complain about her father shortly before Mr. Togo stops by with some horrible news -- his sister is having a baby! This means that their inn won't be open for the summer, so none of them can go to the training camp. That's when Gorgeous gets an idea -- she'll take them all to her mom's hometown to her aunt's house. She essentially invites herself via a mailed note. While writing the letter, Gorgeous is surprised by the appearance of a white cat on her desk; the cat, who she affectionately names Blanche, later reappears at her mailbox when she gets her response. As it turns out, her aunt has been waiting for her letter for years and she'd love to house seven girls in her mansion in rural Japan -- why not?

Gorgeous' father and Ryoko discuss the possibility of going to Karuizawa alone but Ryoko gets a great idea -- she'll go up to the aunt's house on her own after a day or two to talk to Gorgeous alone. In fact, it'll be her first trial in becoming her mother. While she thinks this over, the wind picks up and blows her scarf around. Artsy!

The next day, the girls gather at the train station and hop aboard. They find Gorgeous already at the platform with Blanche in tow. Unfortunately, they don't find Mr. Togo who, although he was supposed to come, has a comedic accident involving falling into a bucket. He heads to the hospital for his allegedly non-serious accident while the girls take a train, bus, and long walk to Auntie's house (complete with animated sequences). Mr. Togo plans to drive himself out to the house later.

On the train, Prof, the brainiest of the friends, gives the non sequitur that "any old cat can open a door, but only a witch-cat can close a door". This bears no relevance until much later, but after that bucket sequence it seems almost organic.
3. What type of instrument does Auntie have in her house?

Answer: Piano

En route to the mansion, Gorgeous enlightens her friends on the topic of World War II and discusses Auntie and her family. Auntie's fiance was going to be the head of the local hospital but, after being drafted for the war, had to leave. He and Auntie vowed to love each other forever but he never returned; his plane was shot down. She would continue to wait, even through her sister's wedding. Now, she lives alone and gives piano lessons to neighbours.

Arriving in Satoyama Village (the bus stops at a tree in the middle of a rural field), the girls proceed on foot to the house, but not before passing a shack owned by a man who sells watermelons. He points them in the right direction, but not before ominously speaking to a watermelon.

The girls finally make it to the front gates as Blanche the cat runs inside and sits on Auntie's lap. Auntie, confined to a wheelchair, introduces herself to the seven girls. Gorgeous speaks to her for the first time in 10 years and, when Prof asks about her legs, she says it's okay because she has them there to help her. Further odd things occur when Sweet tries to take a picture -- the camera floats out of her hands and smashes on the ground. No one notices Blanche's eyes glowing green at this moment. When the girls head inside, Kung Fu is prompted into action by falling chandelier spikes. Luckily, she kicks one away and the girls think nothing of it. Meanwhile, Mac returns to the group with a giant watermelon as they begin their tour.
4. To chill their watermelon, the girls place it into a well. When Fantasy pulls it up later on, what does she find?

Answer: A head

Melody is introduced to Auntie's grand piano while the other girls decide to help clean the house as a favour. Surprisingly, the girls aren't unnerved by the fact that there are pictures of Blanche all throughout the bedroom. Instead, Sweet is frightened by a skeleton in the corner of the piano room. Somewhere in the house, a large clock sounds.

The girls head to the kitchen and Mac is asked to put her watermelon into the well outside as the refrigerator is out of order (naturally, as the bottom of the well is the most convenient place). During this process, Auntie makes a comment about Mac looking delicious; it goes relatively unnoticed. Auntie goes to bed before dinner is served and Mac heads back out to retrieve the watermelon. When she doesn't return, Fantasy is asked to find her. Realising that the watermelon was never taken from the well, she pulls it up and finds Mac's head instead. It floats up at her and bites her on the behind before falling back into the well (as decapitated heads are apt to do). None of the other girls see it.

The girls are more shocked when Auntie stands up from her wheelchair to go look into the well. Evidently, she feels much better. In the well they find the melon; Mac is still gone. They all assume she went to search the nearby potato field.
5. Which of the girls is privy to seeing Auntie not only eating an eyeball, but disappearing into the fridge?

Answer: Fantasy

While Sweet cleans up the house, the other girls tidy up after dinner and Gorgeous goes out to take a bath. Sweet, heading off to get some bedding, finds a door opened by Blanche and heads inside. Following the whispering voice of a doll, the door closes behind her. Out in the yard, Kung Fu chops firewood but finds herself in a predicament when the pieces fight back. Luckily, she's able to defend herself. She chalks it up to an illusion and forgets about it.

In the kitchen, Auntie starts to dance while Fantasy and Prof clean up. Only Fantasy sees Auntie sneak into the fridge and disappear. Prof doesn't believe her, but Auntie is actually dancing in the rafters. No one notices Auntie return to her room to eat a human hand (as old women are apt to do).

Gorgeous, strolling around the house (in some inexplicable fog) and brushing her hair, heads upstairs to her room to find that it's perfect for her. Sitting herself in front of the mirror, she gazes at a picture of Auntie's long-gone fiancÚ before opening a music box. Downstairs, Melody follows a voice down to the piano room and begins playing the song from the music box -- Auntie left out the music. Melody doesn't notice the skeleton dancing behind her.
6. Sweet is attacked by which of the following before her disappearance?

Answer: Mattresses

Trying on some of the jewelery and make-up in her room, Gorgeous puts on some lipstick and immediately starts to see things in the mirror. Her image switches to one of herself with fangs and then to Auntie. After the mirror shatters and runs red with blood, Gorgeous' own face begins to shatter as well. Soon, she and the mirror both set ablaze.

Down in the piano room, Melody feels as though she's bitten by the piano. They claim that she sounds like Fantasy.

Sweet, still hypnotised by the doll, finds that Blanche has returned and closed the door behind her. She's attacked by the bedding before the other girls rush to her aid. It's too late though; when they open the door, only her clothes have been left behind. Fantasy is deemed illogical and decried for her worrying. They remind her that Mr. Togo is en route and will come to save his damsel in distress.
7. Which of the girls offers to go to the police station while the others stay behind at the house?

Answer: Gorgeous

The four remaining girls realise that Gorgeous must be upstairs after her bath, putting on make-up. Gleefully rushing through the halls of the mansion they don't immediately find her in her room. They do, however, find her clothes. When she reappears soon after, they tell her that Mr. Togo is on his way to be a knight in shining armor. Gorgeous is distracted when they mention that he treats his buggy like a plane but she snaps out of it when, because of all of the weird occurrences and disappearances, they decide to call the police. Gorgeous offers to call and the girls, unfortunately, don't hear the screaming on the other end. She claims that the phone is out of order and offers to go to the station herself (with Blanche). It's at that moment that the doors and windows of the house seal themselves off, locking them in. Gorgeous prances around the garden in the meantime (the liar she is).

Inside, Kung Fu tries to break down the door with her karate moves, but finds that there is no way. Prof tries to logic her way out of the situation and Melody claims that since she's educated, it must be her doing. They decide to ask Auntie how to open them but, in her room, they find Mac's hand in a glass jar.

To ease the tension, they ask Melody to play a song on the piano and despite her initial hesitation, she plays the same ol' music box song.
8. Which of these is responsible for eating Melody?

Answer: The piano

While Melody plays the song, Prof and Kung Fu race upstairs since they hear Gorgeous singing; Fantasy stays with Melody who, in a trance, continues to play against her will. Upstairs, the girls find Gorgeous dressed as her mother on her wedding day.

This doesn't compare to the horrors downstairs. While Fantasy watches, Melody's fingers are bitten off by the piano before she's actually eaten whole. To her consolation though, she does seem to enjoy it.

Back upstairs, the girls find a book left behind called "Lonely Days". Prof realises that the woman they just saw was actually a ghost and she deems it illogical. Kung Fu finds the clock upstairs, but she finds Sweet dying inside.

The two rush downstairs to find Fantasy unconscious. When Prof looks at the piano, she finds Melody's severed fingers pushing the keys to the tune of the music box song before the instrument slams shut.
9. Who destroys the picture of Blanche?

Answer: Kung Fu

Prof and Kung Fu wake up Fantasy and finally agree with her -- they are in a haunted house. They have to cooperate to make it out alive. Kung Fu builds a barricade to block off the upstairs portion of the house. Unbeknownst to the girls, Auntie is transforming herself in the mirror upstairs; she can take on the appearance of Gorgeous or her sister or herself.

Prof reads the book they found upstairs outlining Auntie's belief that her fiance wasn't killed in the war. The lights go out and the girls are met with Gorgeous' spirit who, from her aunt's world, tells them that Auntie died many years ago; She wanted to be married so badly that her body remained after death to eat all of the unmarried girls who came to the house. It's the only time she can wear her bridal gown, and now it's their turn to be eaten.

It doesn't take long, but soon enough, tons of objects start flying through the room. Kung Fu attempts to fight them all off and rushes for the phone, believing Gorgeous to be a liar (which, technically, she is). Unfortunately, the phone tries to strangle her. The fight takes Kung Fu out to the garden and, inevitably, back into the house. Prof finally reads what she needs to -- she learns that Blanche is Auntie's cat and they must destroy it to succeed. This prompts Kung Fu to make a move to attack a picture of Blanche on the wall, but this attempt is foiled when the ceiling light decides it's hungry. She's eaten up without a real fight.

Lucky for the girls, Kung Fu is stronger than that. Her severed legs emerge from the light and kick the picture on the wall, destroying it and the cat proper, and causing Auntie to bleed out upstairs.
10. Judging by the look of his car upon Ryoko's arrival in the village, what happened to Mr. Togo?

Answer: He was transformed into a pile of bananas.

Disappointingly, the terror doesn't stop there. Kung Fu's legs cause a certain reaction -- blood starts to fill the room not only from the painting of the cat, but from a nearby dresser into which the leg has decided to roost. The floor breaks open, forcing the girls to balance atop a floor panel, or else drown. Fantasy fears that Mr. Togo won't show.

Mr. Togo finally reaches the village, but stops in front of the watermelon stand to ask for directions. When he does, the man there says that the girls were eaten. Mr. Togo is asked if he likes watermelons, but he says he likes bananas. This turns out to be the wrong (or maybe right) answer, though it's hard to tell. The watermelon man turns into a skeleton and Mr. Togo seems to go mad.

Back at the house, Prof is attacked by a dangerous teapot while atop the door. Her glasses fall off and she's unable to fight back, so it doesn't take long before her body disintegrates. Fantasy also falls in but, for some reason, doesn't perish. Instead, she rides her floor panel out to the main hall where she's intercepted by Gorgeous. In the water's reflection, she sees the image of Auntie who reaches out and pulls her close.

The next day, Ryoko, scarf in tow, drives with the top down all the way to Auntie's village. Passing by the watermelon stand she thinks nothing of Mr. Togo's vehicle, now filled with bananas in the shape of (and wearing the same clothes as) Togo himself. She reaches the house and walks in the front gate to admire Gorgeous who sits down with her to talk. Ryoko asks about the other girls and Gorgeous says that soon, they will be awake... and hungry. As the two of them hold hands, Ryoko's scarf sets ablaze, killing her.

The movie ends as Auntie says "Even as the flesh perishes, one can live in the hearts of others together with the feelings one has for them. Therefore, the story of love must be told many times so that the spirits of lovers may live forever. Forever. The one thing that never perishes, the only promise, is love."
Source: Author kyleisalive

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