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710 World Capitals Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about World Capitals? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to World Capitals (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What beautiful city, the capital of the Free State of Saxony in eastern Germany, was almost destroyed by bombs in WWII, but has been since restored to its former glory?
Answer: Dresden

The state of Saxony, like the rest of the former German Democratic Republic (DDR), became part of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990. The former capital and residence of the Electors and Kings of Saxony, Dresden lies in the valley of the Elbe River, near the border with the Czech Republic. Because of its gorgeous Baroque and Rococo architecture, the city was known as the Jewel Box. Its controversial bombing by American and British forces on February 13-15, 1945 caused the death of about 25,000 people, and destroyed most of the city centre. In the decades following the end of the war, many of Dresden's historic buildings were reconstructed - including the imposing Frauenkirche, whose Baroque dome is the city's most recognizable landmark.

Bremen is the capital of the state of the same name, Germany's smallest, while Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, and Potsdam of Brandenburg (which was also part of the former DDR).
  From Quiz: Stately Capitals
2 What caused Belize to move its capital from coastal Belize City to inland Belmopan in 1970?
Answer: A hurricane

Belmopan is located in the interior of Belize and is centrally located. It was installed as the capital in 1970 after Hurricane Hattie destroyed the previous capital which was located on the eastern coast. Belmopan is very small with a 2010 census population of 16451 (Belize City is the largest with 57 000 people). While it was constructed well away from the coast to avoid hurricanes the new town was not placed directly on the Belize River. This avoided flooding damage. The new capital is built around a ring road that is 4km in circumference. The Government buildings and parklands are all located within this ring road.
  From Quiz: Drop Bear's World Tour
3 The first capital you visit is home to the magnificent Monsanto Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks on the continent. The westernmost capital in mainland Europe, where are you?
Answer: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is located at the mouth of the Tagus River, the longest on the Iberian peninsula. While Lisbon is the westernmost capital on the European mainland, Reykjavik in Iceland is some 12 degrees longitude further west.
  From Quiz: Left of Centre
4 Peace tower soars tall. Senators skate and debate. Which city is this?
Answer: Ottawa (Canada)

Formerly called Bytown, Ottawa became capital of the Province of Canada in 1857, and of the Dominion of Canada ten years later.

The Peace Tower rises above the centre block of the parliament buildings on Parliament Hill, and was opened in 1927. The skating Senators are Ottawa's National Hockey League team, while the debating ones sit in the upper chamber of Canada's parliament.

Ottawa is situated on the Ottawa River, in the province of Ontario, with Hull, Quebec just across the river.
    Your options: [ Lisbon (Portugal) ] [ London (UK) ] [ Ottawa (Canada) ] [ Madrid (Spain) ]
  From Quiz: Capital Conundrums
5 One hundred and five meters (346 feet) underground, you board a train at the ultra modern Arsenalna metro station, the deepest in the world, which was built along with the rest of the system after World War II. You are in which world capital city?
Answer: Kiev, Ukraine

The Kiev Metro, a dynamic and modern transportation network, is the third subway system in the old Soviet Union after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Originally planned in 1916, the project was abandoned when Ukraine was immersed in the chaos of the Russian Revolution. Following the Bolshevik triumph, Kiev was marginalized as a provincial city for decades. When the capital was moved there in 1934, the plan was revived. After the destruction and carnage visited on the city during WWII, construction of the underground began in earnest and was finally completed in 1960. Like other Russian/once Soviet subways, the stations in Kiev are generally far more ornate than those in the west, with beautiful decorations, artwork and fancy vestibules. It takes five minutes to ride the escalators from the bottom of Arsenalna station to street level. The other three metro systems are among the world's oldest, dating back to around 1900, or earlier in the case of London's tube.
    Your options: [ Paris, France ] [ London, England ] [ Boston, USA ] [ Kiev, Ukraine ]
  From Quiz: World Capitals: Vive La Difference
6 In which capital city could you find monuments like the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and most famously, the Eiffel tower?
Answer: Paris

Madrid, Berlin and Paris are the capital cities of Spain, Germany and France respectively. Bordeaux is a major city, though not the capital of France. Paris, visited by tourists from around the world, has many monuments, and museums which contain art treasures.
    Your options: [ Paris ] [ Madrid ] [ Bordeaux ] [ Berlin ]
  From Quiz: Capital Cities
7 Porto-Novo is the official capital of Benin. What is the largest city and economic center, known as the de facto seat of the Benin government?
Answer: Cotonou

Cotonou is a major port for the country. In addition, it is the home for the National University of Benin. The city of Kandi is primarily a farming town in Benin. Parakou is a market town with major industries in cotton, textiles, and peanut oil manufacturing. Ndali holds the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese.
  From Quiz: Countries with Multiple Capital Cities
8 This capital city of a European nation is the only city in the world with its namesakes in all other inhabited continents. Which city is this?
Answer: Rome

The Italian capital Rome is the only city with namesakes in other continents. The original Rome in Italy is properly spelled "Roma". All the other inhabited continents also have cities called "Roma". Here's a list--
Roma, Indonesia, Asia
Roma, Lesotho, Africa
Roma, Queensland, Australia
Roma, Texas, USA, North America
La Roma, Ecuador, South America
    Your options: [ Bern ] [ Berlin ] [ Rome ] [ San Marino ]
  From Quiz: Around the World in Ten Questions.
9 What is the capital of the African country, lying south of Sudan, which gained independence in 2011?
Answer: Juba

Ufa is a Russian city and Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Juba is located on the White Nile.
    Your options: [ Ufa ] [ Juba ] [ Malabo ] [ It has no official capital ]
  From Quiz: African Capitals
10 This city's name in Arabic means "the place of the winds". It has Trarza Lake for one of its major freshwater resources. It is the capital city of Mauritania. Which city am I talking about?
Answer: Nouakchott

Mauritania is a country in West Africa. Nouakchott is the capital and the largest city of Mauritania. In fact, Nouakchott is one of the largest cities in the Sahara.
    Your options: [ Vlouakchott ] [ Nouakchott ] [ Senqbarine ] [ Nevalesten ]
  From Quiz: Capital Cities Harder
11 The capital of Djibouti was originally a seaport. What is its name?
Answer: Djibouti

All of the other choices are towns or villages in Djibouti. The country's motto is "Unity, Equality and Peace". It is in the Horn of Africa.
  From Quiz: Geography Nonsense
12 Charlotte Whitton, a firebrand politician, was an advocate for gender equality and better standards of care for juvenile workers and homeless children. In the 1950s and 1960s, she was the mayor of which capital city, famous for the Rideau Canal?
Answer: Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa was chosen as the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria in 1857, and formally established as such when Canada was confirmed as a sovereign nation on July 1, 1867, as the Dominion of Canada. It is home to the Ottawa Senators of the NHL. The city has evolved dramatically since its origin as a lumber town in the 19th century. It is home to many high technology companies (Mitel, Corel Corporation, Dragonwave, etc.), hosts the annual National Capital Marathon each May, and boasts the 'longest skating rink in the world' when the Rideau Canal freezes over in the winter.
    Your options: [ Albany, New York ] [ Canberra, Australia ] [ London, England ] [ Ottawa, Canada ]
  From Quiz: Capital Idea!
13 Situated in a central valley, where is the capital city of Santiago located?
Answer: Chile

The Government of Chile does not sit in Santiago, despite being the country's capital. Instead, lawmakers come together in Valparaiso.
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
14 South Africa has three capitals. Which is the executive one?
Answer: Pretoria

Pretoria is the country's executive capital. Cape Town is the legislative capital. Bloemfontein is South Africa's judicial capital. Johannesburg is the country's largest and most populous city.
    Your options: [ Pretoria ] [ Johannesburg ] [ Cape Town ] [ Bloemfontein ]
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
15 This South American country's capital is Buenos Aires, which means 'good air'. It is at the southern tip of the continent. What country is this?
Answer: Argentina

Argentina is a world leader in greenhouse gases. It is rich in natural resources, including lead, tin, iron ore, and petroleum.
    Your options: [ Peru ] [ Portugal ] [ Brazil ] [ Argentina ]
  From Quiz: Give a Capital, Take a Country!
16 Which US capital city is home to the White House?
Answer: Washington D.C.

The USA chose Washington D.C. as its capital in 1790. Before that, the capital was in Pennsylvania and Maryland.
    Your options: [ Washington D.C. ] [ Annapolis ] [ Harrisburg ] [ Tallahassee ]
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
17 Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is located 40 kilometres away from a vast mountain range. What is this mountain range called?
Answer: Ala-Too Mountain Range

The Ala-Too mountain range supplies a spectacular backdrop to the city. It has a magnificent view, with a 30-45 minute drive. Its highest point is Yeltsin Peak.
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
18 Which city in Chile, considered the country's financial base, is located in a valley?
Answer: Santiago

Although Santiago is Chile's capital, legislative bodies meet in Valparaiso, a nearby town. Santiago has a lot of smog and air pollution partly due to thermal inversion, a deviation in normal atmospheric properties.
    Your options: [ Buenos Aires ] [ Santiago ] [ Brasilia ] [ Dhaka ]
  From Quiz: Mixed Geography- Basic Country Capitals
19 Washington DC became capital of the United States in 1800. Which city had been capital immediately prior to this?
Answer: Philadelphia

Philadelphia was the capital 1790-1800. New York was (briefly) the capital prior to this. Washington is, of course, named after the first president of the US, George Washington.
    Your options: [ Philadelphia ] [ Boston ] [ New York ] [ Richmond ]
  From Quiz: Built for the Job
20 Kabul (Afghanistan) was named after which geographic feature?
Answer: Kabul River

Kabul was founded more than 3000 years ago on the river of the same name, and it was made capital in 1774.
    Your options: [ Kabul River ] [ Lake Kabul ] [ Mount Kabul ] [ Kabul Coral Reef ]
  From Quiz: World Capitals: Their Meaning
21 This national capital is north of Greece, west of Plovdiv, and south of Montana!
Answer: Sofia

Sofia (Sofiya) is the capital of Bulgaria. Montana is a province in the northwest corner of that country!
    Your options: [ Vienna ] [ Sofia ] [ Belgrade ] [ Bucharest ]
  From Quiz: Down the Ladder: Part 1: National Capitals
22 What river flows through Paris?
Answer: Seine

The Seine is the second longest river in France at 776km or 482m long.
  From Quiz: Capital Facts
23 La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, but what is the constitutional capital?
Answer: Sucre

La Paz is both the largest city and the government seat, but according to the constitution, Sucre is the official capital
  From Quiz: Not The Right Capital
24 Which capital city is located on the Niger River in West Africa and is located south west of Timbuktu?
Answer: Bamako

Although Niamey is built on the Niger river it is not south west of Timbuktu.
    Your options: [ Lagos ] [ Niamey ] [ Bamako ] [ Ouagadougou ]
  From Quiz: Different Kind of Capital Quiz
25 This capital city is over 3,500 years old and is its country's largest city. It was invaded in the 13th Century by Genghis Khan. Pass.
Answer: Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul has been the capital of Afghanistan since 1776. It lies along with Kabul River at an elevation of 5,900 feet.
    Your options: [ Kathmandu, Nepal ] [ Islamabad, Pakistan ] [ Kabul, Afghanistan ] [ Dhaka, Bangladesh ]
  From Quiz: Names of the World Capitals
26 Which country participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup was smallest in area?
Answer: Qatar

Qatar hosted the 2022 World Cup. It became the smallest country ever to host the tournament and the third smallest after Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica to qualify for the finals.

Due to the extreme heat in Qatar, the tournament took place in November/December rather than its traditional June/July timeframe and more of the games started at night than ever before with some as late as 10pm local time,
    Your options: [ Switzerland ] [ Wales ] [ Qatar ] [ Belgium ]
  From Quiz: 2022 FIFA World Cup Geography
27 Addis Ababa and Asmara, the capitals of two countries that were a single one from 1962 to 1993, are among the world's ten highest capitals. Which countries am I referring to?
Answer: Ethiopia and Eritrea

Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, and Asmara, capital of Eritrea, are respectively the fourth- and sixth-highest capitals in the world. Located at an elevation of 2,355 m (7,726 ft) above sea level, on a high plateau just west of the East African Rift that splits Ethiopia in two halves, Addis Ababa ("new flower") enjoys a mild climate with little monthly variation in temperature because of its closeness to the Equator. Established by emperor Menelik II in 1886, the city is home to over 3 million people.

Present-day Asmara is also a city of relatively recent origin, having been greatly expanded after it was promoted to capital of Italian Eritrea in 1897; its elegant modernist architecture earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List (2017). The city lies at an elevation of 2,325 m (7,628 ft), in the central part of the Eritrean Highlands; it enjoys a temperate climate, and is surrounded by fertile lands, though droughts are a serious concern in the area.

Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia in 1993 after a referendum, preceded by decades of conflict; the split left Ethiopia without a coastline. South Sudan split from Sudan in 2011, and Timor-Leste from Indonesia in 2002; Slovakia and the Czech Republic became two separate countries after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia at the beginning of 1993.
    Your options: [ Sudan and South Sudan ] [ Ethiopia and Eritrea ] [ Slovakia and Czech Republic ] [ Indonesia and Timor Leste ]
  From Quiz: With Your Head in the Clouds
28 Diversity is the key here. Made up of a mix of African, Venezuelan, Italian immigrants and more, can you quickly identify what is unique about Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago?
Answer: It has been a capital city since 1757

Port of Spain has been the capital of the nation since 1757 even becoming a "de facto" capital from 1958 to 1962 of the political union known as the West Indies Federation. Initially it was inhabited by Spanish settlers in the 1560s, but by 1797 it would be taken by the British. It serves as an important financial center in the Caribbean region with two of the largest banks in the region being located here; those being Republic Bank, Trinidad and Tobago Limited and Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout the centuries, various groups have immigrated to the region to form the unique culture within Trinidad and Tobago including African, Indian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Venezuelan and Syrian immigrants.
  From Quiz: Crazy Country Capitals
29 Switzerland's administrative subdivisions are called cantons. Which French-speaking canton capital juxtaposes the headquarters of many international organizations with a thriving financial industry?
Answer: Geneva

Located on the shores of the lake of the same name (called Lac Léman in French), Geneva is Switzerland's second-largest city, and the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, which mainly consists of the city itself and its suburbs. The canton is almost completely surrounded by France, and French is its main language. In the 16th century, Geneva became one of the most important centres of the Protestant Reformation, due to the presence of John Calvin, the French theologian who founded Calvinism. The city became part of the Swiss Confederation in 1814. Besides its relevance as a financial centre, Geneva is a worldwide hub for diplomacy, due to the presence of many agencies of the United Nations (such as the High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Health Organization), the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization and the World Economic Forum.

Bellinzona is the capital of the Italian-speaking Canton Ticino. The other two cities are capitals of German-speaking cantons, Basel-Stadt and Luzern.
    Your options: [ Lucerne ] [ Bellinzona ] [ Geneva ] [ Basel ]
  From Quiz: Stately Capitals
30 Located on Kaafu Atoll, of what country is Malé the capital?
Answer: Maldives

Malé is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with 133,000 people crammed into less than six square kilometres. It enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, with both wet and dry seasons, but with relatively stable temperatures. It is served by Velana International Airport. Most people travel around the island by bus or ferry.
  From Quiz: Drop Bear's World Tour
31 Heading across the continent you stop at a city located near the tripoint of Austria, Hungary, and its own country. Located just downstream of the Devín Gate, which Danube-straddling capital are you in?
Answer: Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is located so close to the tripoint with Austria and Hungary that the city limit actually reaches the border, making Bratislava the only capital city that borders two other countries. The Little Carpathians, a subrange of the Carpathian Mountains, begin in the northern part of the city.
    Your options: [ Bratislava, Slovakia ] [ Kiev, Ukraine ] [ Prague, Czech Republic ] [ Warsaw, Poland ]
  From Quiz: Left of Centre
32 Big Ben is the bell. Tower holds no prisoners. Where are we this time?
Answer: London (UK)

Although the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament comes to mind when Big Ben is mentioned, that name officially belongs only to the bell that chimes the hours. Once called St Stephen's Tower, the clock tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to mark Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

The tower that holds no prisoners is the Tower of London, whose last prisoners were the notorious Kray twins (for refusing to report for National Service) in 1952.

Both landmarks are on the Thames, which winds its way through the capital city, and provides a wonderful way for a tourist to view these sites and many more.
  From Quiz: Capital Conundrums
33 What is the capital of the country Dubai is located in?
Answer: Abu Dhabi

The country is United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE, not a country. Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate of the UAE.
  From Quiz: Capital Cities
34 In the 1980s, the Peruvian government decided to shift its capital from Lima to a city in the geographical centre of the country. It never eventuated but can you name that city?
Answer: Constitucion

During his second presidency term in 1984, President Belaunde of Peru decided to move the capital from Lima to Constitucion, a city in the geographical centre of Peru. He also dreamt of building a highway that would connect Constitucion to the rest of Peru. But in 1985 he lost the general election, and because of the prevailing corruption in the government, this dream never saw the light of the day.
  From Quiz: Around the World in Ten Questions.
35 This city originally served as a fishing village, but it became the capital of the country Nicaragua in 1852. It houses the famous Tiscapa Lagoon and Plaza de Revolucion. What city is it?
Answer: Managua

Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua. It was earlier given the name Leal Villa de Santiago de Managua. The name Managua comes from the Nahuatl language, and translates to "near water" or "surrounded by water". It is situated on the banks of Lake Xolotlan.
  From Quiz: Capital Cities Harder
36 Located on an atoll, what is Kiribati's capital city?
Answer: South Tarawa

Eita and Rungata are settlements in Kiribati. Bike is the name of an island in Kiribati. In 2010, Bike Village had a jaw-dropping population of 17 people ("GeoNames" geographical database)!
  From Quiz: Geography Nonsense
37 Home to the Van Gogh Museum, this capital has retained one of the world's more stable and enduring monarchies.
Answer: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The House of Orange-Nassau has reigned as monarch over the nation since the Netherlands won its independence from Spain following the Eighty Years War (1648). A descendant of that dynasty, Queen Beatrix assumed the throne of the Netherlands with the abdication of her mother, Queen Juliana, in 1980. Amsterdam, the capital, is a favoured destination for travellers, who flock there to tour the Van Gogh Museum, observe the beautiful canals, and to walk through the famed 'Red-Light District', where prostitutes openly entice potential customers from open doorways and windows.
    Your options: [ Lisbon, Portugal ] [ Vienna, Austria ] [ Madrid, Spain ] [ Amsterdam, Netherlands ]
  From Quiz: Capital Idea!
38 Which Russian capital city is the site of the famous Red Square?
Answer: Moscow

Wellington is New Zealand's capital city. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Lastly, Minsk is the capital city of Belarus.
    Your options: [ Moscow ] [ Warsaw ] [ Wellington ] [ Minsk ]
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
39 Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. Armenia is a small country, but Yerevan is a big sightseeing place and people love going there. What river flows through the city?
Answer: Hrazdan River

The Hrazdan River starts at the top of Armenia at Lake Sevan and flows south through Kotayk Marz and, of course, Yerevan. It then joins the Aras River along the border of Turkey.
  From Quiz: Capitals of the World
40 Which Icelandic city is the country's center of government and is known for its geologically active volcanoes?
Answer: Reykjavik

Reykjavik is Iceland's capital. It is known for the Althing, one of the first parliaments in the world. It has been functioning since early 930 A.D.
    Your options: [ Akureyri ] [ Reykjavik ] [ Selfoss ] [ Borgarnes ]
  From Quiz: Mixed Geography- Basic Country Capitals
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