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1. What book of the Bible has this verse? "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."

answer Answer: Genesis

Interesting Information:
After God had created everything in six days, he rested on the seventh day. The passage was from Genesis 1:31. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Exodus, Matthew, Revelation

2. Which book of the Bible tells the story of a young girl that becomes queen and saves the Jews from a horrible villain?

answer Answer: Esther

Interesting Information:
Esther's name means "secret or hidden". No one knew that she was a Jew. As queen of the Persians and wife of Xerxes, she saved the Jews from the wrath of the evil Haman with the help of Mordechai. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Ruth, Judges, Obadiah

3. Old documents containing accounts similar to the Bible were discovered in 1947 in caves in the desert near Jericho. What name has been given to them?

answer Answer: Dead Sea Scrolls

Interesting Information:
These scrolls were many years older than originally thought. They were dated from about 300 BC to 70 AD. Every book of the Old Testament, except the Book of Esther, was represented in these scrolls. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
the Lachish letters, the Cyrus Cylinders, Shishak's invasion records

4. A mosque is associated with which religion?

answer Answer: Islam

Interesting Information:
A mosque is an Islamic place to worship and to pray. The term "mosque" means any place of worship for Muslims, although Muslims make a distinction between private and public places of worship. It is similar to the concept of a cathedral or church for Christians and a temple for Jews. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity

5. What toy is associated with the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah?

answer Answer: dreidel

Interesting Information:
A "dreidel" (or dreidl/dreidle) is a four-sided spinning top generally used for a game of "chance" or after dinner entertainment during the 8 days of Chanukah/Hanukkah (Feast of Lights). The token gift exchanged at this time is "gelt" (small amounts of money). For children, this usually comes in the form of foil-wrapped chocolate coins. Purim (celebration of the deed of Esther) is another joyful/festive holiday - full of fun, games, costumes, feasting and noisemakers (graggers/groggers). Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
gragger, grogger, gelt

6. In Buddhism, what does the Dharma Wheel represent?

answer Answer: The Eightfold Path

Interesting Information:
The Dharma Wheel represents the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which is the Fourth Noble Truth. The eight spokes of the wheel stand for:

1) Right View
2) Right Thought
3) Right Speech
4) Right Conduct
5) Right Livelihood
6) Right Effort
7) Right Mindfulness
8) Right Meditation Difficulty: Hard.
Some incorrect choices:
The Four Noble Truths, The Six Realms, Nothing in particular; it is merely a decoration

7. What is the Society of Friends, or Friends of the Truth, more commonly known as?

answer Answer: Quakers

Interesting Information:
The Religious Society of Friends began in England in the 1650s. One of its founders was George Fox who advised the Friends to "tremble at the Word of the Lord", giving rise to the nickname "Quaker", which was originally a term of ridicule. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Mormons, Shakers, Lutherans

8. Which religious leader is said to have found enlightenment while sitting under a tree?

answer Answer: Buddha

Interesting Information:
Siddhartha Gautama is said to have found enlightenment after spending days sitting and meditating under a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India. From then on he was known as Buddha, "The Enlightened One" or "Awakened One". Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Confucius, Moses, Muhammed

9. What is the name of the FEMALE patron saint of Ireland?

answer Answer: St. Brigit

Interesting Information:
St. Brigit (sometimes also known as St. Brigid of Kildare) is thought to have been an Irish Catholic nun who founded several convents. Her feast day is February 1st, which is also the first day of spring in Ireland traditionally. It is believed that St. Brigit lived from 453 until 524 although the records from long ago aren't entirely accurate by today's standards. Difficulty: Hard.
Some incorrect choices:
St. Clare, St. Catherine, St. Patricia

10. According to the Roman Catholic Church, what is a Marian apparition?

answer Answer: A vision of the Virgin Mary

Interesting Information:
A Marian apparition is any vision of the Virgin Mary (St. Mary). The incident at Lourdes in southern France in 1858 is probably the best known of these visions. It has turned this small town into a major center for religious treks. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
A vision of heaven, Speaking in tongues, A conversation with Marilyn Monroe

11. If you exhibit wounds that correspond to the wounds of Christ, precisely what are you experiencing?

answer Answer: stigmata

Interesting Information:
Stigmata are wounds experienced by some that correspond to the wounds inflicted on Christ at his Crucifixion. This occurs usually among Roman Catholics and its veracity as a miracle cannot be proven or disproven. It falls in the same realm as speaking in tongues and religious ecstasy. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
speaking in tongues, religious ecstasy, confirmation

12. Which day of the week do Seventh-Day Adventists observe as the Sabbath day?

answer Answer: Saturday

Interesting Information:
Seventh-Day Adventists regard the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath - the biblical day of rest and worship. In Judeo-Christian tradition, Sunday is regarded as the first day of the week, making Saturday the seventh day. Seventh-Day Adventists typically refrain from any kind of secular work and many forms of entertainment from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, in order to keep the Sabbath holy. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

13. Michael and Gabriel are two very well known archangels. The Roman Catholic Church officially recognizes the name of a third. Who is it?

answer Answer: Raphael

Interesting Information:
Raphael is the archangel who performs all manner of healing. The original feast day for Raphael in the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints was October 24. This changed in 1969 to September 29, the same feast day as Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel. Raphael is one of the patron saints of the blind. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
John, Francis, Vincent

14. How are the Latin terms superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira, and acedia collectively known in English?

answer Answer: Seven deadly sins

Interesting Information:
The seven deadly sins, also known in Christianity as the cardinal sins, are Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.
The mnemonic SALIGIA can be used to remember the Latin terms for them. Difficulty: Hard.
Some incorrect choices:
Colours of the rainbow, Snow White's dwarves, The seven seas

15. What is the collective name for the first four books in the New Testament of the Bible?

answer Answer: The Gospels

Interesting Information:
The Gospels consist of the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The Old English meaning of godspell, or gospel, is "good news". The 1970 musical "Godspell" is based on the Gospel of Matthew. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
The Agnostics, The Discipline, The Parables

16. Which disciple of Christ, often known for his skepticism, encouraged the rest of the disciples to accompany Jesus to a possible death?

answer Answer: Thomas

Interesting Information:
Knowing that the Jews had tried to stone Jesus in Judea, Thomas encouraged the disciples to follow Jesus anyway as he returned to raise Lazarus, saying, "Let us go also, that we may die with him." (John 11:16, New International Version) Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Peter, James, John

17. What is the first word in the New International Version of the Bible?

answer Answer: In

Interesting Information:
The New International Version begins with the line, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). The Message Bible has the first word as "First" in that translation of the Bible. There are at least 20 different versions of the Bible printed in the English language. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
When, God, Before

18. In Islam, there are two major branches. One is Shia Islam. What is the other one?

answer Answer: Sunni Islam

Interesting Information:
Shia Islam is mostly followed in Iran. Shiites rejects the first three caliphs the Sunnis believe in. Shiites regard Ali (whom Sunnis consider the fourth caliph) as Muhammad's true successor. Kali and Vishnu are gods in the Hindu faith. Buddhism is not an Islamic faith. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Buddhist Islam, Vishnu, Kali

19. The Amish church fellowships are an offshoot or sect of what other religious group?

answer Answer: Mennonite

Interesting Information:
Jakob Ammann led a faction of followers away from the Mennonites in Switzerland in 1693 because of arguments over certain practises, particularly "shunning". Today the largest Amish communities are in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the U.S. They are known for plain clothes and simple lifestyle. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Anglican

20. What was the name of Saul's son and David's best friend, who later died tragically?

answer Answer: Jonathan

Interesting Information:
After finding Jonathan's body, David composed a poem to commemorate his dead friend; the poem is recorded in II Samuel 1:19-27. Goliath was the giant whom David killed, Ishvi was another of Saul's sons and Solomon was a King renowned for his wisdom. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Goliath, Ishvi, Solomon

21. Reverend Sun Myung Moon was the founder and leader of which church?

answer Answer: Unification Church

Interesting Information:
In 1935 Sun Myung Moon had a vision of Jesus during which he was called to complete Christ's work on earth in establishing God's kingdom on earth and bringing peace to the world. The beliefs of the Unification Church are summarized in Moon's book "Divine Principle". The Unification Church is known for its "mass weddings" during which thousands of couples receive a marriage blessing. Many of these couples were matched by Reverend Moon and had not met each other until the day of the ceremony. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Scientology, Family of Love, The Way International

22. The Jewish calendar is primarily based on what celestial body?

answer Answer: the moon

Interesting Information:
The Jewish calendar is based on the moon. The Gregorian calendar is based on the sun, which is why it appears that Jewish holidays are on separate days each year when viewing a Gregorian calendar. Every two or three years an extra month is added, since some days are lost due to the difference between the calendar and the sun's orbit around Earth. Difficulty: Hard.
Some incorrect choices:
the sun, Venus, Mars

23. A rabbi is associated with which religion?

answer Answer: Judaism

Interesting Information:
A rabbi is a Jewish term meaning religious teacher. The Mishnah, and not the Torah, is the first religious literature to mention the occupation of a rabbi. Each Jewish denomination has its own requirements for being a rabbi. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism

24. In The Bible, Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament, but what is the first book of the New Testament?

answer Answer: Matthew

Interesting Information:
Matthew is the first book of the New Testament, followed by Mark, Luke and then John. Prior to becoming a disciple of Jesus, Matthew worked as a tax collector. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Mark, Luke, John

25. What is generally accepted to be the Holy Grail?

answer Answer: the cup of Christ

Interesting Information:
The Holy Grail is generally accepted to be the cup which Christ was drinking from at the Last Supper. It figures prominently in Christian mythology, is believed by many to have magical powers, and has inspired many quests to find it. In "The Da Vinci Code", Dan Brown puts forward the theory that the Grail was actually Mary Magdalene herself. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
a screen used during the Sacrament, the basin used at the Crucifixion, a pool at the Roman temple

26. In the phrase from Chapter 2 of Isaiah, what do "they beat into ploughshares"?

answer Answer: their swords

Interesting Information:
This often-quoted passage from Isaiah 2:4 is a statement against warfare, an urging to turn attention from warfare into crops and growing.

The passage from which the famous line comes is: "They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." Difficulty: Hard.
Some incorrect choices:
their enemies, their women, their rugs

27. In the King James Bible, the shortest verse "Jesus wept" recounts Jesus' reaction to the death of what man?

answer Answer: Lazarus

Interesting Information:
Found in the Gospel of John, chapter 11, verse 35, "Jesus wept" is often remembered for being the Bible's shortest verse. Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, had died four days prior to the arrival of Jesus. Jesus wept in front of Lazarus' tomb, prayed to God and, miraculously, was able to resurrect him. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Pontius Pilate, Julius Caesar, Barabbas

28. According to Catholic teachings, which of the seven deadly sins is greed for food?

answer Answer: gluttony

Interesting Information:
According to early Catholic teachings, serious sin can be broken down in to seven categories; wrath, pride, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy and lust. Each sin has a corresponding virtue; patience, humility, temperance, charity, diligence, kindness and chastity. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
pride, lust, wrath

29. Kamadeva, who shoots flower arrows from his bow, is the Hindu god of what? (You might remember the 'Kama Sutra.')

answer Answer: Love

Interesting Information:
Eros or Cupid is feared by all the gods of Greek and Roman mythology. Not so in Hinduism. Kamadeva was once called to bring Shiva out of a deep meditation. Kamadeva did so, shooting one of his flower arrows at the meditating Shiva. Shiva was not pleased. He opened his third eye and burned Kamadeva to a crisp. Now Kamadeva has another name, Ananga, or "the bodiless." Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Fate, Wisdom, Spring

30. What do Christians usually understand by the word 'Trinity'?

answer Answer: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Interesting Information:
The doctrine of the Trinity can be a contentious one because nowhere is the concept explicitly laid down in the Bible. The present conventional understanding of the Trinity was established at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. There it was laid down that God exists as 'one substance' but as three distinct persons. Difficulty: Very Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God the Father, Son and Mother

31. What did St. Patrick use to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish?

answer Answer: The shamrock

Interesting Information:
The shamrock, with three leaves on one stem, is said to signify The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit which is the Holy Trinity and a symbol of Christianity. Since the Shamrock was sacred to the Druids, this was an easy explanation and St. Patrick was very successful in converting the Irish to Christianity. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
A geranium, A rose, The Bible

32. It is well known that pirates are godless ruffians but, if they weren't, to which "fiery" saint should they pray?

answer Answer: St. Elmo

Interesting Information:
St. Erasmus of Formiae, better known as St. Elmo, is the patron saint of sailors which, presumably, covers pirates. St. Elmo's fire is a phenomenon seen sometimes on ships (and elsewhere) during thunderstorms. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
St. Martin, St. Lance, St. Fernando

33. What famous brand of pancake syrup formerly shared a name with Job's oldest daughter?

answer Answer: Aunt Jemima

Interesting Information:
In Job chapter 42, Job had 10 children. He had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Jemima was the first daughter, and Keziah was the second. Babel was the tower mentioned in Genesis and Dinah was one of Jacob's daughters.

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement made it clear that the company's symbol had to change - they were rebranded in 2021 as Pearl Milling Company, the name used when the company was first established in 1889. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Aunt Dinah, Aunt Babel, Aunt Keziah

34. Which Evening Prayer did medieval Catholic monks attend to around sunset?

answer Answer: Vespers

Interesting Information:
The daily office for medieval monks started with Matins, followed by Lauds. Then there were Primes, Tierce, Sext (at noon) and Nones. At sunset the monks chanted Vespers and they concluded the day with Compline, just before going to sleep. These daily offices are still observed by many Catholic and Anglican monasteries and convents today. Difficulty: Average.
Some incorrect choices:
Prime, Matins, Compline

35. According to the Old Testament, who is the prophet whom the Lord sent to find a replacement for Saul as King of Israel?

answer Answer: Samuel

Interesting Information:
1 Samuel 16 tells the story of how God told Samuel he had rejected Saul as King of Israel, and asked Samuel to go find a new King. Samuel obediently went to Bethlehem and contacted Jesse, who has many sons. Seven of Jesse's sons were examined and found wanting, and finally David was found and God said "He is the one". Eliab and Abinadab were the first two sons considered and rejected. Difficulty: Easy.
Some incorrect choices:
Jesse, Eliab, Abinadab
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